What about the 10k project excites you the most?
Meeting new people! I’m so excited to meet new women on the trails who share my love for the outdoors!

What role does hiking and the outdoors play in your life? How has it shaped who you are? 
I’ve always loved the outdoors and because I can no longer play competitive sports due to an injury, hiking and climbing have been an amazing outlet for me to stay healthy and adventurous. And now that I have a little boy, it’s the perfect activity for us to share together!

Do you have a hiking story you want to share with us? 

I took my 2-year-old son on a hike just after it had rained, so the dirt turned to mud and was very slippery over the rocks. He still insisted on hiking on his own though so we held hands and hiked together and it was one of the sweetest moments ever. I’m so thankful to share those moments with him!

We are so excited to welcome Laura and the 99 other Trailblazers who have signed on to help lead us in inspiring women all year! Read about our Trailblazers here.

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