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Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve

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Beechwood Farms is the headquarters of the Audobon Society of Western PA and contains 5miles of trails, a pond, and a natural play area. This gorgeous nature preserve is a favorite for families and an excellent place to for hiking and for playing. They also have a nature store and a native plant nursery and host various events for kids and adults of all ages.

With a number of short, intersecting trails, this is an excellent park for families with kids of all ages. They have also added a parking lot to access the pond, and have turned the loop around the pond into a gravel path to make this part of the reserve more accessible (and stroller friendly).

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City Pittsburgh
State Pennsylvania
Latitude 40.5426537000
Longitude -79.9058910000
Map Zoom Level 12
Trail Area Features
Ambassador 1805
Driving Directions
Area Highlights Mud Puddles, Natural Play Area, Picnic Area, Shaded Hike, Shelter, Viewpoint, Visitor Center, and Wildlife Viewing
Area Highlight Notes

The main parking lot is right near the play areas. The upper play area is a rocky/sandy area with a water pump and trough. They’ve recently added some trucks and buckets and various toys, but it’s not a bad idea to bring some of your own if you plan to spend time there.

If you head to the right past or through the water play area, there’s an overlook to your left, or continue on and head down the hill to an amazing natural play area, complete with a wooden treehouse-style structure, logs to climb, and tunnels to run through.

The pond is just beyond the nature play area, and the pavilion there has been recently rebuilt after a storm had damaged it.

The trails are all quite short and intersect, so you can easily take a short wander or a longer hike.

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Water Fountains No
Emergency Support No
Rangers No
Stroller Friendly No
Parking Lot
ADA Accessible No
Pet Friendly No
Zero-Landfill Park No
Nearby Convenience Store No
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