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Bedford Reservation

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The Bedford Reservation offers trails and picnic areas, and
includes Shawnee Hills Golf Course as one of its attractions.
Flowing through Bedford Reservation is Tinker’s Creek,
named for a member of Moses Cleaveland’s surveying party.
The stream drops a dramatic 220 feet over a course of two
miles and has cut a steep, walled gorge. The gorge, declared
a National Natural Landmark, is a unique area with numerous
tree, shrub and flower species. Views from Tinker’s Creek
Gorge Scenic Overlook are spectacular during any season,
especially fall.

Area Features

Rangers Yes
Emergency support
within 5 miles
Nearby convenience store Yes
Trash Disposal No

Trail Area Highlights

This reservation features a deep gorge — declared a National Natural Landmark — carved out by Tinker’s Creek, with picturesque vistas and waterfalls. Mature trees and abundant wildflowers are found within its deep forests. It offers trails for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding, as well as picnic areas and Shawnee Hills Golf Course. At over 2,200 acres, Bedford Reservation gives the appearance of a continuous forest of large trees as it was not logged due to its rugged terrain. Tinker’s Creek, the largest tributary of the Cuyahoga River. A scenic overlook along Gorge Parkway offers a spectacular vista, particularly in the fall.

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