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Brumley Nature Preserve - Northern Section

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The hikers-only section of Triangle Land Conservancy’s Brumley Forest Nature Preserve, the Northern Section has approximately 5 miles of trails, most of which are fabulous for young hikers due to a wide variety of habitats, well marked trails, and a lack of major hazards.

Parking is plentiful in a large gravel lot, but there are no bathrooms or running water.

Area Features

Rangers No
Emergency support
within 5 miles
Nearby convenience store No
Trash Disposal No

Trail Contributor

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I’m Erin, mom of one human child and four furry ones. I’m a dog trainer by trade, though currently a mostly stay at home parent. My son and I are out hiking at LEAST once a week, often more, with one or two of his furry siblings. When not outside hiking or playing, I’m often found training my dogs, reading, doing yoga, or surfing facebook for the most recent cute otter video.