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Columbia Gorge

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The Columbia River Gorge is an 80 miles area to the east of Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA that is home to numerous trails and over 100 amazing waterfall hikes.

There are also vineyards, great restaurants, interesting stops (great fields of wild flowers) and camping.

This area has a wide range of trails from easy to very hard, so make sure to really know which trail you are adventuring on before  you get out there. Most of the trails in this area are carrier only, but there are a few ADA and stroller options.

Also, note that the drop offs on trails in the Gorge are serious. Be sure to have a kid harness or a child who is comfortable with listening to commands on trail.

Area Features

Rangers Yes
Emergency support
within 5 miles
Nearby convenience store Yes
Trash Disposal No

Trail Area Highlights

The Columbia Gorge has over 100 waterfalls and you can actually hike a few in the day. If you want to find a great book look for Curious Gorge to find a way to link various hikes together.

One of the thing the Gorge is best known for is amazing waterfalls. There are a lot of hikes, but keep in mind this is an area with a lot of intermediate hiking and steep cliffs. Many of the trails are better for carrier kids, but little walkers who listen to direction can hike many of the trails if you are comfortable with their skill level. Consider having a harness on a walker.

Trail Contributor

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Shanti Hodges is the Founder of Hike it Baby. Shanti started the organization in Portland, OR in 2013 so she could find friends to hike with. It quickly caught on locally and people started contacting her to help develop hike communities that were baby and toddler focused in other cities. To further support her mission to get families outside, Shanti wrote a book “Hike it Baby: 100 Awesome Outdoor Adventures with Babies and Toddlers.” She is committed to getting local and national parks to be more aware of how they can better support families with babies and newly walking children. Shanti lives in Southern Utah with her husband and son. In her spare time she’s a hike guide and hosts women’s hike retreats