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Gardiner County Park is in West Islip, south of Montauk Hwy with a straight main path that goes directly to the bay, in fact you can see the lighthouse across the bay from nearly the beginning of the trail. We usually do it as a loop or lollipop as there are lots of little paths to take instead of the main road that does not have so many hikers, walkers or bikers. There is packed sand or low grass for most of it (it can get pretty muddy after rains). Mosquitos were held off with bug spray. The woods are lush and birds are plenty. We saw a couple rabbits. At the end of Beach Rd is a bay beach with a lot of seaweed and uneven, rough ground but if you head west you will find a spot where the beach meets the bay and you can sit for a while so the kids can play in the sand. You can continue west all the way to the bulkhead at the end of the beach. There is a beautiful view of the Robert Moses Causeway Bridge and the Fire Island Lighthouse. Then begin your trek back either down the main path or again down one of the parallel paths. All main paths are any-stroller and possibly wheelchair accessible. Closer to the water, it does get sandier and muddier. Back at the pond closer to the parking lot you can hear or see bullfrogs, fish and herons. There is a playground and a fenced in dog run area near the parking lot. I included the photo of the map. It is a great place to come in the rain for some great puddle splashing! For your older children who love to climb, there is a large downed tree behind the pond (easiest to access by following the small trail along the right of the pond) – probably best in winter when ticks aren’t as much of a concern and the brush is not so overgrown.

Submitted by Jannine Thorp

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Dog friendly, muddy puddle friendly and always options for new trails with the same ending point – at a pretty little bay beach! Many areas to explore. Bathrooms and water fountains may not be open due to Covid-19.

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