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Riverview Park

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The iconic Allegheny Observatory sits in the center of this park, which contains numerous short trails that can be connected in numerous ways to make hikes of varying lengths. Since the observatory sits upon the top of the hill, you can expect to go up and down a fair amount. A walking/biking lane is also present along the paved road through the park.

Area Features

Rangers No
Emergency support
within 5 miles
Nearby convenience store No
Trash Disposal No

Trail Area Highlights

The observatory lawn is a great place to run and play or picnic. A playground with both bigger and littler kid play areas is right near the visitor’s center. The visitor’s center has bathrooms, though it is not always open. There’s an off-leash dog park up near the observatory. The paved road has a walking lane and is suitable for strollers or other wheels to make a loop through the park.

Because the park is relatively compact, it’s a great one to wander and explore without ever straying too far in any one direction.

There is a decent trail map available online and in the visitor’s center, though the trails in the park are not all marked and are occasionally tricky to match to the map, so if you’re not positive what route you’d like to take, it would be helpful to use some sort of tracker app to keep an eye on where you are.

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Julie has been an Ambassador for Hike it Baby since summer 2015. She and her husband, Andrew, started hiking with Hike it Baby in January 2015, when their daughter was just 6 months old.