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The main trails date back all the way to 1879 when Judge Henry Hilton acquired the land, building Woodlawn Park: a community of mansions, horse carriage trails, and a toboggan slide. It is the Northern section of this land that, after a
variety of different owners, eventually became Skidmore College’s North Woods. It currently spans around 160 acres, and is maintained as a natural space for the Skidmore and surrounding community alike. It is an area where people can connect with nature through meditation, walking, hiking, and running. It also serves as Skidmore’s outdoor laboratory, with over 30 courses utilizing the woods for classwork and student-faculty research. This research ranges from studies on the causes and consequences of earthworm invasions, to tracking the resilience of certain invasive species, to archeological excavations!

– Comprised of Northern Hardwood and Oak-Hickory Forest
– Holds over 660 species of plants (5 found only in Saratoga County)
– Has 33 species of ferns
– Home to a variety of animals including efts, hawks, turtles, woodpeckers, snakes, toads and frogs
– Lies on the McGregor Fault, which runs though most of Saratoga Springs, and results in Saratoga’s famous natural
mineral springs
– The hill that the water tower sits upon (on the Red Trail) is the highest point in Saratoga Springs!

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Rangers No
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within 5 miles
Nearby convenience store Yes
Trash Disposal No

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