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Snow Canyon State Park

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Snow Canyon is a beautiful park just outside of St. George that has giant Navajo sandstone petrified dunes with beautiful red and white walls of rock jutting out of the desert. This is a climbers paradise, whether roping up or just scampering freely across the rocks.

While it’s not a super big park, it’s breathtaking and you can day hike or reserve a campsite and stay over. This is a perfect destination park to spend a weekend in with your family and an excellent park for young children with many trail options for little walkers.

Keep an eye out for the endangered desert tortoise, hawks soaring over and cute little kangaroo mice with their long tails. You will definitely see these little guys if you stay over night so listen for the pitter patter of their little feet.

Snow Canyon is 7,400 acres and offers 38-miles of trails to hike, 3-miles of paved trails to bike or for wheel chairs and 15 miles of equestrian trails.

The campground in this park is lovely and has a fun little playground that’s good for the toddler and preK kids. It’s hard to get spots in this campground so book early or try for a group site.

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Area Features

Rangers Yes
Emergency support
within 5 miles
Nearby convenience store No
Trash Disposal No
Fee $7.00
Fee Notes

Use your Utah State Park pass to visit this area. You will most likely want to drive through this park, but it’s also easy to park and walk from hike to hike.

Trail Area Highlights

This area boasts desert turtles, so drive slowly because it’s easy to think one is a rock and run over it!

Kids will like how high they can climb on the sticky petrified dunes and it’s easy to explore a little off the beaten path when climbing sandstone.

There are great sand dunes here so bring your shovel and buckets.

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Shanti Hodges is the Founder of Hike it Baby. Shanti started the organization in Portland, OR in 2013 so she could find friends to hike with. It quickly caught on locally and people started contacting her to help develop hike communities that were baby and toddler focused in other cities. To further support her mission to get families outside, Shanti wrote a book “Hike it Baby: 100 Awesome Outdoor Adventures with Babies and Toddlers.” She is committed to getting local and national parks to be more aware of how they can better support families with babies and newly walking children. Shanti lives in Southern Utah with her husband and son. In her spare time she’s a hike guide and hosts women’s hike retreats