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Swatara State Park has 18.2 miles of trails. Park trails are generally flat and wide. Many small, connector trails allow hikers to create loops of various distances. Hikers can also hike the additional 9.8 miles of trails in the Mountain Biking Complex. Some favorites of the park don’t even make the official state park map! Bordner’s Cabin and Acrigg’s Waterfall a frequent hike of local HiB branches. As well as the Fossil Pit. Both are accessed off of Bear Hole Trail. Most of the trails are multi-use, be aware of bicyclists and horses.

There are three main trails in the park, by using Swatara Rail Trail and Bear Hole Trail visitors can recreate on two multi-use loops. By combining both the Northern and Southern Multi-use Loops you can make a full loop of 11 miles of trails. The Southern Loop, Waterville Bridge to Sand Siding Bridge and back, is 4.6 miles. The Northern Loop, Swopes Valley Road to Sand Siding Bridge and back, is 7.2 miles and includes a brief ride on Swopes Valley Road. The Appalachian Trail also crosses through the park before continuing southeast through State Game Lands 80

For more about Swatara State Park visit the state’s DCNR website:

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**Hunting is permitted in Swatara State Park, high visibility colors advised, especially during hunting season**

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I’m Ruth, and my little hiker is Ellie. We joined Hike it Baby in November 2017, when she was just two months old. I was a new mom, with a new baby, in a new place looking for a community to connect to and a way to get moving gently. In the Fall of 2018 we opened a new branch, Hike it Baby Lebanon-Hershey, Pa. The new branch is a little closer to home, and hope to increase participation in our local community. I’ve always love the outdoors and an occasional hike and Hike it Baby has connected me to the outdoors in a new region of the country. I am proud to get outdoors more frequently and hope to raise a daughter that loves to be outside.