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About This Area

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Acquired in the 1960’s, this 7​51-acre area is a part of the Cedar River Greenbelt and is home to the Wickiup Hill Learning Center. It is managed as two distinct areas – a wildlife refuge in the south and a hunting area north. The southern portion is of archeological significance, as Native American burial mounds and artifacts have been found here.

Trail Area Features:

– The Wickiup Hill Learning Center
– Trails south, mowed turf (5.1 miles)
– Trails north, mowed turf (3.4 miles)
– Cross-country ski trails south (5.1 miles)
– Wetland boardwalk and observation deck
– Bluffs, rolling hills and flat floodplain
– Upland and lowland woodlands
– Prairie
– Savanna

Activities available:
– Hiking
– Photography
– Cross-country skiing
– Snowshoeing
– Nature study
– Hunting
– River fishing
– Trapping

Area Features

Rangers Yes
Emergency support
within 5 miles
Nearby convenience store No
Trash Disposal Yes

Trail Area Highlights

There is water in the building, but it tastes like well water, so you may want to bring your own. The learning center is great for taking breaks, or for bad weather days when you still want to get out and do something nature oriented. They have a whole room dedicated to a large water table as well.

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