Fifth Water Hot Springs Trail

Springville, UT
Length: 5.00 mi.
Type: Out & Back

About This Trail

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**Due to the Pole Creek Fire that ravaged Spanish Fork and Diamond Fork Canyons during the late summer of 2018, it is currently unknown whether the trail to Fifth Water Hot Springs is currently accessible. We probably won’t know the extent of the damage to the area until after the snow thaws in the spring. All of the info below may change depending on how the winter pans out for Diamond Fork Canyon.**

Fifth Water Hot Springs is a fantastic trail for older kids and babies riding in carriers. The trail is a good mix and climbing and descending, not too steep, and really beautiful the whole way. It’s only accessible in late spring, summer, and fall.  The trail is 2.5 miles to the hot springs where there are multiple soaking pools to enjoy and a waterfall too. When you start smelling the hot springs, you know you’re close. Summer is a popular time for this hike, but fall is my absolutely favorite time to visit the hot springs because the outside temperature is low enough to actually enjoy the hot springs and the fall leaves are absolutely gorgeous. It’s doable for younger kids, but a bit on the long side, depending on the hiking level of your child. My 4yo managed to hike half of it. There are steep drop-offs in a couple of spots too where handholding would be a must.

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Trail Features

Stroller friendly No
ADA accessible No
Water fountains No
Bathrooms No
Pet friendly No
Nearby convenience store No
Camping Nearby No
Emergency support
within 5 miles

Trail highlights

Creek / River, Natural Play Area, Shaded Hike, and Waterfall

The trail follows Fifth Water Creek for most of the hike, so there are plenty of spots where you can stop and toss rocks into the water.

The soaking pools have lots of little waterfalls and fun places to play. Each pool is a slightly different temperature, so if the water is too hot or cold, you can always try a different pool.

About 75% of the trail is shaded.

The water is hottest at the top where the waterfall is. The waterfall is really beautiful.

In the summer and on the weekends, this trail can be quite popular. Get there early or risk not having a place to park.

The trail has a couple of spots with a steep drop off, so handholding would be a must.

It’s rumored that some hikers will bathe in the hot springs in the nude. It’s illegal, but alas, there’s no phone signal to call authorities. We’ve never witnessed it, but be warned.

There are vault toilets at the trailhead, but no trashcans, so you must pack out all of your trash with you; including dirty diapers.

Trail Contributor

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Alex is an artist and graphic designer who runs her own little business from home while she’s momming it with her two school-aged boys. She’s a California native and transplant to the Salt Lake Valley where she’s completely fallen in love with living so close to the mountains. She loves hiking, camping, travel, soccer, photography and cooking. She geeks out over history, especially art history, loves getting lost in a great novel, and she started practicing taekwondo the year she turned 40. She’s also a Lifetime Girl Scout and she loves sharing her love for travel and the outdoors with her kids.


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