Governor Dick Park- (7) Red Circle Trail

Mt. Gretna, PA
Length: 0.40 mi.
Type: Point-to-point

About This Trail

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The Red Circle trail is the most direct route from the Pinch Road Parking lot to the Observation Tower. It is a fairly steep and rocky trail through an enclosure. The enclosure is a vegetation restoration area, their aim to prevent bikers, horseback riders and deer from entry. Access through the enclosure is a lift grate in the fence limb through. (See photos) You will definitely need a partner to hold the gate if you are carrying a child in a pack. Watch their heads as you stand up. School age hikers will likely find this part of the hike very fun.

This trail is marked Moderate for hikers due to it’s short distance, but is definitely a work out. This trail is rough and rocky.

This Parking lot has a port-a-potty year round, there is not a trail map at this parking lot.

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Trail Features

Surface type Dirt
Stroller friendly No
ADA accessible No
Water fountains No
Bathrooms No
Cell reception Spotty
Pet friendly Yes
Nearby convenience store No
Camping Nearby No
Emergency support
within 5 miles

Trail highlights

Shaded Hike and Viewpoint

Trail Contributor

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I’m Ruth, and my little hiker is Ellie. We joined Hike it Baby in November 2017, when she was just two months old. I was a new mom, with a new baby, in a new place looking for a community to connect to and a way to get moving gently. In the Fall of 2018 we opened a new branch, Hike it Baby Lebanon-Hershey, Pa. The new branch is a little closer to home, and hope to increase participation in our local community. I’ve always love the outdoors and an occasional hike and Hike it Baby has connected me to the outdoors in a new region of the country. I am proud to get outdoors more frequently and hope to raise a daughter that loves to be outside.



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