Mountain Top Trail Combined with Mountain View Trail, Arabia-Davidson Nature Preserve, Georgia

Atlanta, GA
Length: Varies

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ACTIVITIES: Hiking, biking, wildflowers

LENGTH OF HIKES: 0.5 mile (Mountain Top) and 1.8 miles (Mountain View)

OUT AND BACK OR LOOP: Out and back (Mountain Top) and loop (Mountain View)

DIFFICULTY OF TERRAIN: Easy and moderate










POTENTIAL CHILD OR BABY HAZARDS: Steep granite, but navigable for a
toddler. Avoid during rain as the rock becomes too slippery. Avoid during peak sun in summer as the heat reflects off the rock.

GEAR SUGGESTIONS: Shoes with nice tread for the granite

Every spring a rare plant called diamorpha blooms all along the Mountain Top Trail in Georgia. For just a few weeks, the landscape turns from green to a blanket of red, and then almost overnight the tiny white flowers open up. These flowers are
just a few inches tall, covering the landscape for what seems like a moment, and then it’s all gone.

This awesome display is thanks to Mother Nature and the perfect environment of granite and hot sun that is found on the Mountain Top Trail in the Arabia-Davidson Nature Preserve. It’s important to also note this plant is on the endangered species list (one of five listed in the area) and occurs thanks to pools of water known as solution pits that have formed all over the granite monadnock landscape due to 40 million years of earth movement. If you are interested in geology, then this hike is a perfect fit for your family as granite monadnock is a formation that was formed by pools of magma cooling and hardening in the earth’s crust. After years and years of erosion, it was the only thing that remained. These formations are grippy under the feet and easy to hike with a toddler because of the smooth, gently sloping surfaces.

When you take this trail and arrive at the top of the mountain, you will be privy to beautiful views. It’s mostly flat, making it a great spot to let the little ones run around while you enjoy a picnic lunch. For a longer hike, you can add in the Mountain View Trail, which travels along a lake at the base of the mountain.
As you lunch, be on the lookout for hawks high above and butterflies down low.

Another cool animal fact for this area is that there is a program called AWARE (Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort) located at the base of Arabia Mountain. This nonprofit rescues sick or injured wild animals, rehabilitates them at their facility, and returns them to the wild.

Warning with little hikers: Don’t try to hike the mountain when it is wet (while raining). Even on dry days, there are areas of the rock where water dry days, there are areas of the rock where water trickles down. These areas are easy to avoid but  can be very slippery if stepped on. Also be aware that there are some cacti at the top of the mountain. They aren’t too prevalent, and usually the dogs are the ones who tend to run through them, so be aware if you bring a four-legged friend.

The small parking lot keeps crowds to a minimum. Free parking is a plus, but occasionally that means it’s full. If the parking lot is full, there are other parking areas with boardwalk access to this trailhead. There are also other trails throughout the preserve, each with a different kind of beauty to enjoy.

“When you reach the top of the mountain, it is almost like you’ve reached a foreign landscape with beautiful solution pits full of all kinds of life. The best time to visit is in spring, when the diamorpha is in full bloom. You can watch the clouds reflecting
off the pools of water and enjoy the great view from the top. It’s just so wild and free compared to the hustle and bustle of the city, and yet it is so close to the city center.” —MELISSA HOLLINGSWORTH

The parking lot is right next to the AWARE Wildlife Center in the southwest area of the park. Time the hike on a Saturday or Sunday so you can attend the free tour of the animal rescue facility at 1 p.m. Donations are appreciated.

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Trail Features

Elevation gain 195 ft.
Stroller friendly No
ADA accessible No
Water fountains Yes
Bathrooms Yes
Cell reception None
Pet friendly Yes
Nearby convenience store No
Camping Nearby No
Emergency support
within 5 miles

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